Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Mark Farner Family's Mighty Mission~Faith Filled Farner Fans Please Step Up To The Mic

Please join us with positive thoughts and prayers for full restoration to Mark and Lesia's youngest son Jesse Farner.

Jesse took a serious fall on July 3RD of 2010 and suffered a fracture to the C-5 vertebra in his neck. We are Praising the Lord that his spinal cord was not severed and we are Praying to the Lord for his full restoration. If you would like to post blessings and prayerful thoughts to Jesse there is a Face Book GROUP Page titled: "Pray For Jesse Farner" with pictures and well wishers for Jess. But please, they have asked that no video's, music or other pollution be posted...this is purely about a wonderful, loving young man that needs all the good energies we can supply with our caring, motivational's not about Mark.

Mark said: "Thank You for the prayers my son floats on"

For further information on Jesse's progress, Mark and Lesia have graciously supplied some progress reports on the homepage at:

From the stage, Mark dedicated I'm Your Captain to Nam Vets and regarding Jesse's condition said: "He ain't feeling nothin' from the neck down but, he tell's me; "Dad we're gonna rock it again someday"

Jesse has decided NOT to be a victim of his current circumstances and so intends to "pull himself up by the bootstraps." This is the mighty mission set before Jesse Farner and the entire Mark Farner family. Please respond in Love, light and good wishes to:

Jesse Farner
PO Box 47
Lynn, North Carolina, 28750

Also, a Jesse Farner fund has been set up on his behalf. There will be remodeling and special needs apparatus needed to have him go home from the rehabilitation center.

Please make checks payable to:
Mark Farner FBO (For Benefit Of) Jesse Farner

Mail to:
The Bank of Northern Michigan
406 Bay St.
Petoskey, MI 49770

Thanks so much fellow Farner Fans!


footballmom27 Oct 23, 2011, 10:08:00 AM  

Dear Farner Family,
I am so sorry to just NOW hear this news about Jesse. I feel so out of the loop so to speak....for crying out loud....I live in Indian River, Michigan. I feel the Lord brought the news to me this morning via facebook. A friend from high school (76) posted a video "I can feel Him in the morning" So I clicked it.....Oh it's Mark Farner I said. It put a smile on my face, brought back a lot of great memories from when I was a teenager growing up in California. The video was really good
looks like made by a church group put to your song and they acknowledged Capital Records, Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Farner and Don Brewer. It was a good message about our Jesus. It touched my heart. So I went to youtube and started watching and listening to old Grand Funk and said to my husband "and we missed him when he was in Petoskey, what fun that would have been" Then we watched an interview you did with Mike Huckabee and found out about your son Jesse. I knew you lived up in this area but after more searching to find out how your son was doing I find that he graduated the same year as my son. So my heart went out. Having a son the same age I can only imagine how you feel. I couldn't find any recent updates and hope that things are still progressing. Mark and Lesia I really wish I could do more but what I can do, is pray. I will pray that God will give you all you need to take care of your son Jesse. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless Jesse in his recovery from his injury and use this to glorify Him. Right now I thank the Lord for bringing His message to me this morning with a great song that you sang many years ago. God Bless, Janie Ward Stewart Indian River, Michigan

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