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A Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp To Melt Your Little Marshmallows!

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Dear Rock Star,
Many thanks for all of the well wishes we've received regarding our upcoming camp! If you haven't heard, the February camp will be filmed by Mark Burnett Productions for a reality television show to air on VH1 Classic. Every camper who registers for Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp will receive a questionnaire from the production casting department. If you are interested in being featured in the show, submit the questionnaire, if not, no worries! There is no obligation to participate in the filming portion of the camp. Please see a casting notice from Mark Burnett Productions below.
I'm proud to announce that RRFC will donate $500 of every campers registration fee, who registers between now and February 22nd, to the Red Cross to help the people of Haiti.
The 3½ day camp is almost sold out! We still have a few spots left for vocalists, keyboardists, and guitarists at the shorter camp. We have spots open at the 5 ½ day camp in all instruments.

Talent Updates!

A handful of amazing artists have signed on for the February Camp. Joining us as a guest star is the iconic bass player Lemmy Kilmister from the band Motorhead! We've also added a few super counselors including Jeffrey Foskett, Brian Wilson's musical director and a former member of The Beach Boys, guitarist/singer extraordinaire Richie Kotzen, and Ron Nevison who produced bands ranging from The Who to Led Zeppelin. Ron, along with Eddie Kramer, will be in studio producing our camper bands' original songs. Campers will record at the newly remodeled EastWest Studios on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood! This beautiful studio is where The Mamas and The Papas recorded California Dreaming� and Monday, Monday, Bob Dylan and The Who recorded, while The Beach Boys ushered in a new era of sound with their masterpiece album Pet Sounds.

Time is running out! Don't get locked out of this camp! Come be a part of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp history. Register online at or call 888.762.2263 x2.

Rock on!
David Fishof
WANTED: FEMALE MUSICIANS - 24 hours to respond! 1/27/2010
Are you a rock and roller at heart? Maybe now you live the corporate life as a surgeon, stay at home parent, or you work in securities but it doesnt matter because deep down you still have those dreams to become a rock and roll star! Mark Burnett, the producer who brought us shows like Survivor, Apprentice, Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Supernova is giving you a chance to finally live out your dreams of becoming a rock and roll star. We are looking for singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and keyboardists. This exciting new docu-series presents musicians with a once in a lifetime opportunity. We want to send you to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp®.

The series Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp will take a group of aspiring musicians who for 8 days will live the rock and roll lifestyle while being coached by real-life rock stars. This will culminate with you taking to the stage and performing for a live audience to show the world that you can still rock!

We are looking for musicians who are 30-50 years old who live in the Los Angeles area. We want to hear your story of why you bailed on your dreams of becoming a rock and roll musician. Was it family, career, or were the pressures too much? Most importantly do you still have the fire & passion to get up in front of a full house and bare your rock and roll soul? If this is you and you have a great story to tell email us at with your name, age, recent photo, contact information, and a brief explanation as to why you would good for and Roll Fantasy Camp. Please also include a short video of yourself playing. Are you ready to live out your dreams of being a rock star?

Featured Guest Star: Lemmy Kilmister
Motorhead - the name alone stands on it's own, a band that lives according to their own rules. A band that has never sacrificed anything and has always remained true to what they are. Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee - what you see is what you get! Lemmy's enthronement as an Icon of Rock happened a while ago and proves that Rock and Roll is alive and exhilarating. (On June 16th Lemmy received the Mojo Icon Award).
Lemmy is the undisputed head, gruff and with the typical British humour (despite calling L.A. his home for more than 18 years). Motorhead is without a doubt one of the most respected rock bands in the world and made it clear to everyone when they finally received a well deserved Grammy in 2005 for Best Metal Performance.

In the spring of 2010, the band will commence work on their as-yet untitled new album. This will be Lemmy's first appearance at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, and we are thrilled to have him on board!

Mark Farner at 2010 Fantasy Camp
February 24th through 27th


Featured Counselor

Jeffrey Foskett is a guitarist and singer best known for his work with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Foskett has also toured and recorded with many other luminaries in the music industry such as Paul McCartney, HEART, Roger McGuinn, Roy Orbison, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ringo Starr, Chicago, The Moody Blues, The Everly Brothers, Christopher Cross and America to name a few. He has also been an occasional member of the surf-rock group Papa Doo Run Run since 1993 and continues to record his original music with New Surf, LTD label mate Jeff Larson, among others.

Imagine being instructed by a Rock legend! It might look something like this;


Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Tell Ev'rybody Ya know...A Movie About Rock 'n Roll's Soul" The Grande Ballroom, Forever: "Louder Than Love"

That's Right, stuff your feet in to those scuffed up fruit boots! Better have your Nehru jacket hanging close by too! You just may have to grab ahold and hang on to something 60's as this Intense Teaser for the Grande Ballroom Story crescendos (Louder Than Love) through your consciousness! This movie is going to paint it's way into your pre-paisley past! For it is told that in her wild, light shows and incense filled hey-day, Detroit's Grande Ballroom showcased the Genesis of rock genius. Now the legend will live on forever thanks to this Tony D'Annunzio Hard Rock Documentary.

Simply stated; The Grande Ballroom was the Grande Mother's house of Rock during Rock's infancy. So, feel free to Click On and Right On my brother's and sister's...Let's just see and hear how much Grande'ma loves her Hard-Rockin', Axe-Kickin' babies!

[blogger's note] Overlaying the interviewee's on the Rubble inside The Grande is brilliantly creative and I think the finished product is going to be "Outta Sight!"

LOUDER THAN LOVE-The Grande Ballroom Story from Tony D'Annunzio on Vimeo.

LOUDER THAN LOVE is the story of the Grande Ballroom in Detroit Michigan. The Grande Ballroom was the birthplace of the Detroit Rock Music Scene. Bands like MC5,Iggy & The Stooges,Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes,Alice Cooper and many more got their start here. The Grande not only influenced local Detroit musicians but inspired bands from all over the US & from Europe.Legendary acts like Led Zeppelin,The Cream,BB King,Janis Joplin,Pink Floyd and the Who graced the stage at the Grande on a regular basis.
While the west coast was groovin' to the sounds of the "Summer of Love" in 1967, Detroit was pumping out a hard driving,gritty and raw sound that was "LOUDER THAN LOVE"

From the Director Tony D'Annunzio
We can all get in on the excitement by kickin' out the "bread" to pay for music fees:

Russ Gibb brought in bands the likes of:
Machinegun Thompson
The Frost
Janis backstage

Vanilla Fudge
Buddy Guy's Blue's Band
The James Gang
Canned Heat
The Byrds
Moby Grape
Jethro Tull

The Who

Ten Year's After
Mother's Of Invention
The Chamber Brother's
Jefferson Airplane
Spooky Tooth
Iron butterfly
Procol Harum
Amboy Dukes

Blue Cheer
Chuck Berry
The Bossmen The Bossmen
Rare Earth
Deep Purple
Country Joe And The Fish
The Pack The Pack
The Grateful Dead

More of the bands:

"The Grande was Detroit's Fillmore"
[Alice Cooper]

"It was a's still is a legend!"
[Mark Farner]

"God Bless the ghost of The Grande"

[Machinegun Thompson]

...and the congregation say's: "Amen"
[stoner's of the ages]

Grande News:

Panorama of the Grande Ballroom:

It will trip you out to see the psychedelic posters and the handbills as you scroll through the name of now-famous legends of rock!

Friends Of The Grande on Face Book:

Sir Graves Ghastly on Myspace:

In Memoriam to those that have passed on before us, thanks for the memories:


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grand Funk Railroad: The Railroad Ties That Bent Their Tracks

In the beginning there were "Pack" members destined to form the legendary Rock Forging Railroad: Grand Funk Railroad. Mark Farner and Don Brewer cut their chops in the mid-western region in their early musicianhood with the Michigan Rock radio station DJ that was plugged in to the biz.
The historic results are explained better here in song and video:


Snippet and video from the Farner/Funk dedicated channel by JohninFunk.
"The time period "Baby Boy" went out [October 1966] The Bossmen included a former T.K.P. member [who rejoined T.K.P. right after The Bossmen split at the end of 1966] Mark Farner! Let alone that Terry Knight is credited as producer on this 45 [probably unfairly...]
B.T.W. Back then, Mark Farner had 2 great spots live with The Bossmen: His very first composition Heartbreaker and a cover of The House Of The Rising Sun! He obviously could level another legend..."
Thanks JohninFunk

The Pack Anthology [2002]

The Pack Anthology - 2002

1. The Tears Come Rolling - 2:40
2. How Much More - 2:34
3. I've Been Told - 2:42
4. Better Man Than I - 2:54
5. Got Love - 3:13
6. Lady Jane - 2:48
7. Lovin' Kind - 3:00
8. A Change on the Way - 3:41
9. What's On Your Mind - 1:49
10. I (Who Have Nothing) - <3:22/font>
11. Numbers - 2:28
12. This Precious Time - 2:50
13. Love,Love,Love,Love - 2:54
14. One Monkey Won't Stop No Show - 2:41
15. The Train - 2:10
16. Harlem Shuffle - 3:04
17. Down in The Valley - 2:22
18. I've Got News For You - 2:51
19. Wide Trackin' - 2:45
20. Does It Matter To You Girl - 2:01
21. Next to Your Fire - 2:44
22. Sleep Talkin' - 3:02

Rest In God's Peace Terry Knight

Terry Knight and The Pack
Band Members Included:

* TERRY KNAPP (KNIGHT) - Vocals & Keyboards
* DON BREWER - Drums
* MARK FARNER - Guitar & Bass
* BOB CALDWELL - Keyboards

...From the liner notes of the incomparable bootleg compilation LP: "Michigan Brand Nuggets".

"Flint-Saginaw, the upper wastes of Northern Michigan may seem an unlikely hotbed for musical activity, but three notable acts emerged from this region—Terry Knight & The Pack, Dick Wagner's Frost and Question Mark (sic) & The Mysterians. Before They Were (Grand) Funked... Terry Knapp cum Terry Knight had been a disc jockey at CKLW (Windsor/Detroit) in the early '60's (he actually got away with such on-the-air shenanigans as playing the Rolling Stones "Little Red Rooster" repeatedly for an hour). By '65 he was ready to view things from the other side. The problem was, as a recording artist, he didn't possess a great deal of talent. Nevertheless, after assembling The Pack he scored locally with his cover of the Yardbirds' "Better Man Than I". After a couple of weak follow-ups, Knight & Company hit again with "A Change On the Way", an original tune in the "Shape of Things To Come" vein. Then came the melodramatic "I Who Have Nothing" which hit #46 nationally. Knight spent the better part of his recording career trying to sound like other artists, having little personality of his own, at least not on record. Terry & The Pack's recording career soon nosedived. But Terry got his revenge on the record buying public. After an unsuccessful stint at making solo records, he assembled ex-Pack members Mark Farner and Don Brewer and ex-Mysterian Mel Schacher and created a monster: Grand Funk Railroad. The rest, as they say, is history."

For more bio information:

Where they are NOW:

Flint, Michigan mini-Pack Reunion; 2008

A 3-Pack Dennnis Bellinger Curt Johnson, Mark Farner

Flint's 2009 Revivial and Atwood Stadium Concert brought together Herm Jackson, Dennis Bellinger, Curt Johnson. Very special appearance from GFR keyboardist Craig Frost.

Dennis Bellinger (GFR bass '81-'83) Curt Johnson (GFR soundman on tour) now together again as: Pac O Mojo


Anniversary T-shirts

Anniversary T-shirts
40Year's Funkin'

Title Tune From "For The People"


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