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There's a Land... a Glorious Land...

Farner is his usual nasty self on the guitar, exploding with rhythm one moment, tearing it up in a solo the next. His guitar playing here hearkens back to the days of Terry Knight and the Pack, but...

nazfan01 (5 days ago)

This song is my favorite of all times with GFR and ties first place with I Can Feel Him In The Morning. Both of these songs are my number one top favorites. Just great music and it doesnt get any better than this

There are things in this life that are worse than loneliness. To go through life without having had enough of it is a waste, too. And there's nothing worse than too late.

oh I STILL love GFR!~ Yay!
hard to believe isnt it...I just turned double nickels! yay rockin' grandma!~

geojam2001 I used to go see these guys in Flint, all time great band from the club circuit....wish I would have kept alot of stuff now !!!!!!-
Tommy Stevens
My grandkids didn't believe me when I told them you can have rock AND great vocals! Only rock band in history that harmonized. I still have the Silver Dollar album - as it was called back then. GFR is still in a class by themselves.

enemygod Great song from a classic album. Love FARNER/GFR.

tired57 ....powerful!!!

irisjade84 One of my all time favorites! A masterpiece! Although song was written during the Vietnam War era with the relevance on Iraq but hey did I also sense something about saving Gaia? and that was about almost 40 years ago? How old was Al Gore in 69?



Friday, February 27, 2009


These 2 albums were Mark Farner in all his rawest, sexual, high energy, live bombastic, and energized glory. Two of my personal top 5 favorite albums of all time. They're both in my jeep cd player right now.

My top 5 favorites of Mark Farner tunes:
Into the Sun
Mean Mistreater
GFR Live is one of the Greatest Live Album's of all time; there are no overdubs here, only a few tweaks with the audience noise. We all bought this record and recently just bought the new re-mastered version. This album generated millions of fans for Farner and GFR. This music is not dated one bit. It still rocks the house down and new Farner fans pop up from the younger generations every day.

That Farner lead guitar and vocal magic gave GFR a special sound all to their own, It can't be faked or copied, or replaced. It was something natural with Farner's voice and his guitar.
The NEW edition of LIVE ALBUM is a 24 Bit Remastered Masterpiece, of hard rock n roll that never will be dated. David Tedds managed the project and he did a wonderful job.

The songs have all be restored to there proper order and lengths; The track's are; Introduction, Are you Ready, Paranoid, In Need, Heartbreaker, Words Of Wisdom, Mean Mistreater. Mark Say's Alright, T.N.U.C., Inside Looking Out, and Into the Sun.

Closer to Home is my favorite studio produced GFR record. Not because of Closer to Home which was the break out hit of that decade. It featured Mark singing Hooked on Love and I Don't Have to Sing the Blues. It was my obsession as a teenager living on an Army post in Georgia and far away from my home near Detroit. Mark's voice took me home everytime I heard him play.
Closer to Home was also big because I wanted to go home so badly. A city girl transplanted to the south. I liked it down there but I longed for the Motor City.
Here is one of my favorites:
Mean Mistreater/Mark Farner: Boy can Move...



Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Get Your copy HERE

Reviews of For the People 5 stars across the board
From: Tony Spada
Mark Farner is still the man !! In my opinion the best voice in Rock and Roll. Lotta Rock'n Roll Soul here . Thanks Mark for giving me a carreer in Music
Mark Farner is the best.

From: Julian David
This album has so much 'feel' and 'soul'. Mark writes great message music.

From: Spunky Munkey
Actually saw Mark Farner perform last night in Belleville On. Certainly a thrill of my lifetime. Got to meet him and he signed the CD. Was very honored to meet such a great musical icon. I scanned the signed CD cover and it's on my website.
No disappointment here....

From: Jay Wescott
It doesn't matter...Funk, God Rock, "Nrg", or just Mark, this stuff is great!!! Keep it comin'!!! nothin' unlearnt...




In 1995, Ringo Starr toured with an All Star band of musicians including Mark Farner, Randy Bachman, John Entwistle, Zak Starky, Pete Riviera & Billy Preston. The outcome was magical. (Especially Mark Farner's Locomotion )


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Legends and Lyrics

Set for taping next Tuesday Mark is scheduled to appear on the PBS show Legends and Lyrics set to air in April 2009 so get your DVRS and Tivos ready
to grab Mark on PBS

Mark's taping is set for Tuesday 02-24-09
If you live in the Nashville area you may be able to see the taping live and for free!

Nashville 8pm
Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra)
Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad)
Ian McGlynn (Rising Star)


Latest Performers Set to Tape Legends and Lyrics February 20-24
BMNN wrote: on Feb. 20, 2009:Nashville, TN -- Legends and Lyrics, a Public Television series, which honors the creators of song-- who are professional recording artists, song poets and rising stars has added February 24th to the taping schedule. In all ten performances will be shot, two each day on February 20, 21, 22, 23 and now the 24th. Robert Cray, Mark Farner, Kevin Griffin & Darryl Worley are the latest performers set to tape Legends and Lyrics.

The show is produced out of Nashville, Tennessee by "Songwriters In The Round" and shot in HD 1080p with Surround Sound. The performances will be taped at the historic hall in the Grand Masonic Lodge which is located at the corner of Broadway and Seventh Avenue (downtown Nashville).

Two shows will be taped a day, one at 3:00 pm, the other at 8:00 pm. The public is invited to attend. Just go to to sign up for the free passes.

Please note, you do have to climb stairs to get into the performance hall.
Robert Cray, Darryl Worley, Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) and Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra) are the latest performers confirmed--other participants so far include: Felix Cavaliere (The Rascals), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Mac Davis, Lamont Dozier (Stop! In The Name of Love), Justin Hayward (Moody Blues), Amy Lee (Evanescence), Melissa Manchester, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil (You've Lost That Loving Feeling), David Pack (Ambrosia), Peter Yarrow, (Peter Paul & Mary), Guy Clark, Roger McQuinn (The Byrds), Dwight Yoakam, Tony Joe White, with more expected to confirm.
Each taping will showcase well-known recording artists, and legendary song poets from different genres of music in an "in-the-round" setting. Each performer will play their most memorable songs, as well as tell the inspiration behind the creation of their songs.



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Atlanta International Pop Festival in 1969

Grand Funk Railroad was the only unsigned act at the Atlanta International Pop Festival in 1969. They were novices with a fire to perform, and would often do so for free to gain exposure and experience. Manager Terry Knight persuaded the festival's promoters to put them on the bill, which they eventually did, granting them the opening slot.

Mark Farner, the power trio’s guitarist and lead vocalist, gazed nervously out at the crowd of 180,000 on that 110-degree summer day, and then walked onstage.
The band broke into their lively opener, "Are You Ready", and there was no turning back. This show led to a deal with Capital Records.

Though it appears the perfect Cinderella story, Grand Funk Railroad still had an uphill climb in their effort to establish themselves in the music world of the early ‘70s. Often snubbed by critics and disregarded by radio, constant touring became their key to developing a devoted fan base for their innovative style of hard driving, bluesy rock. However, five platinum and three gold records over the three following years was an achievement even the critics couldn’t ignore.

Farner’s unmistakable signature lead guitar sound and funky rhythm chops added with his instantly recognizable vocal talent is considered by many to be one of the greatest in rock history.

More from Modern Guitars Magazine Here



I'm Your Captain/Closer to My Home

We have received requests asking about whether or not Mark wrote I'm Your Captain. The answer is....

I'm Your Captain
Grand Funk Railroad
by Mark Farner

The tune that is remembered as "Closer To Home", is actually labeled "I'm Your Captain" on both the album sleeve and record label. It is from the album "Closer To Home", released by Grand Funk Railroad in June of 1970.

Everybody, listen to me, and return me, my ship.

I'm your captain, I'm your captain, though I'm feeling mighty sick.

I've been lost now, days uncounted,and it's months since, I've seen home.

Can you hear me, can you hear me,or am I all alone?

If you return me,to my home port,I will kiss you,mother earth.
Take me back now, take me back now,to the port, of my birth.

Am I in my cabin dreaming,or are you really scheming,to take my ship away from me.

You'd better think about it,I jsut can't live without it,so please don't take my ship from me. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I can feel the hand,of a stranger,and it tightening,around my throat.

Heaven help me, heaven help me, take this stranger, from my boat.

I'm your captain, I'm your captain, though I'm feeling mighty sick.

Everybody, listen to me, and return me, my ship,

I'm your captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah
I'm your captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah
I'm your captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah
I'm your captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah

I'm getting closer to my home. I'm getting closer to my home.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1969 Time Machine

From the incredible Blues Blogger:

Whenever I drift through time, I often find myself coming back to 1969… Thinking of Mark Farner and Grand Funk Railroad always reminds me of my brother’s oldest friend The Big F. He was also his roadie/bodyguard and loved to play the drums. One night he came over to our house to show off his Grand Funk Railroad LP called On Time…

All the gear was in the basement. So he raced down the stairs to the stereo system, placed the LP on the turntable and carefully aligned his chosen groove… The Big F then briskly took a seat behind the drum kit and started playing along to the tune Time Machine…

My brother then walked over and strapped on his axe; joining along in the bluesy impromptu jam. It's cool moments like these that I frequently recall. And I remember Farner and the boys being part of that extraordinary moment in time 40 years ago… Of course that was only the beginning of Mark Farner’s incredible story…


Here's a video when the Motor City Mad Man strapped on his axe to play along with MARK


Mark is "The Rock Patriot"

Mark Visitng the Vietnam Wall
photo: Lesia Farner

Mark Farner, "The Rock Patriot"
by Donna Teresa, Homefront Journal

Sunset Beach sits 16 miles south of Santa Cruz. In the 1970s, it was a popular site for families, surfers and for anyone who just loved going to the beach. You knew it was going to be a great beach day when you could hear Grand Funk Railroad playing on the radio.

With songs like "We're an American Band "or "Some Kind of Wonderful," their concerts were legendary. Grand Funk's lead singer, songwriter and guitarist, Mark Farner, has been doing his part to appreciate America's veterans and troops for many years, by tirelessly giving his time and music to appreciate and celebrate our veterans. It's no secret that his inspiration to lend a hand to veteran causes is true and deeply heartfelt.

"My father was a World War II veteran, a tank driver in the Seventh Armored Division. My mother was the first woman to weld on Sherman Tanks at General Motors Fisher Body plant in Flint Michigan. Some of my friends from school didn't make it back from Vietnam and I miss them" Farner said.

Farner has been entertaining troops since the 70s. "The first 'Guitar Army' show put on by and for Vietnam Vets at Harpo's was in Detroit. It was a theater turned into a huge night club and it rocked! Other veteran benefits and shows where we were able to entertain and speak to those who are personally responsible for the preservation of freedom. It's an honor to be with brave people."

Farner also enjoys sharing the story about doing a Grand Funk Railroad show for the troops in Schweinfurt, Germany. There were 10,000 troops and they also sold tickets to civilians.

"The stage was made up of two flatbed trailers backed up to each other. The spotlights for the stage were target lights on the barrels of three tanks setting out in the field in front of us, pointing directly at you know who," Farner said. "Every time I would make a move the turrets would turn and three highly skilled tank drivers would follow me closely!"

While entertaining the troops, Farner has had opportunities to meet many veterans.

"There aren't many vets whom I have spoken with personally who were all that willing to share personal stories about their military involvement. I would never pry or even ask specific questions," Farner said. "I will only wait for my turn to speak and do it respectfully as we could only imagine the emotional trauma these beautiful people may have had to contend with.

"We don't see much being done for our troops on the Federal level for personal recognition. It would show a lot of love if there was more national exposure of the lives of the soldiers, their sacrifices and their level of commitment, it would certainly help. This could only build troop morale that must sometimes be far away from love of family and friends because of their loyalty to their commitment. To know the nation they served was watching a special program about them would be nice," Farner said.

If you would like to read more about Mark's work with veterans, and his music go to It is full of terrific information about Mark past and present and his highly anticipated new record. Mark has a special message to all the veterans out there, "I love these people without end. God bless our men and women of the U.S. military."

Thank you Mark Farner for your great and generous kind heart and for making our troops feel appreciated and giving them the welcome home they deserve. You have truly helped make them feel closer to home.

Donna Teresa can be reached at Donna writes for the Homefront Journal at


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New Post On Mark Today!

From: Art Lopez 70's Classic Rock

70's Classic Rock

Here's a cool new site designed by my good bud Kim Maki of Retro: Kimmer, The Snarkey View and Mackyplanet. As I sit here listening to my Grand Funk Railroad - "Capitol Collector's Series" album, how appropriate that I delve into a site dedicated to Mark Farner. The front man of GFR. An awesome collection of images, videos and details spanning from the most memorable concert at Shea Stadium in '71 to his most recent release, "Mark Farner- The Rock Patriot".This is a must visit for any Mark Farner - GFR fan and 70's Classic Rock enthusiast. I've got to tell you... checking the site out while listening to American Band piping thru my headphones adds a whole other dimension to the experience. Awesome.

Thanks Artster!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Mark Farner - The Rock Patriot

Mark Farner - The Rock Patriot
For The People
© 2006 Righteous Rock Music/ Mark Farner (783707370408)
CD price: $13.99
CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.
(About MP3 downloads at CD Baby)

Classic Rock & Roll Artist retains feel with new funky R&B influenced release.
1 For The People
2 Cry Baby
3 Nadean
4 Girl
5 You Know Who I Am
6 Same Ol' Feelin'
7 You're My Girl
8 This time
9 Waiting Here for You
10 Symptons
11 Where Do We Go From Here
Notes from CD BABY
Long revered and acknowledged as a primary force in popularizing the American power trio, Mark Farner re-emerges with both guns blazing and perhaps his most defining album of his solo career, For The People.Rock icon Mark Farner’s latest album portrays a return to his roots--the roots of American rock. Laden with powerhouse tracks, For The People harkens back to the artist’s definitive style that has been embraced by tens-of-millions of fans worldwide. The inimitable knack for a well written song, perfectly placed power-chord, hooky melody line, blistering guitar solo and, of course, an ever-soulful vocal makes this album perhaps Farner’s high-water mark as a solo artist. “For The People” leads off the album with a political message that doses the listener with a driving guitar that seamlessly weaves itself into the lyric creating a perfectly meshed pop track. “Nadean” follows suit and has been likened to Farner’s “Bad Time To Be In Love,” often cited as a pure pop classic. “You’re My Girl” again, slams into the realm of powerhouse rock with Farner’s take-charge rock attitude in full bloom. “Where Do We Go From Here” poses powerful political questions and reminds fans that Mark Farner has many layers to this persona that go way beyond Mark Farner, Rock Star. Long-time fans will readily recognize his message and new listeners will perhaps be enlightened by his inspired point of view. No matter how you approach this record, For The People has something to say and the artist takes that message on the road live this summer in support of this defining work.Mark Farner has a rich history that sometimes overshadows his solo work. This is a syndrome that is common to so many great artists that were vital members of iconic bands, i. e., John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Ironically both artists emerged simultaneously onto the late-sixties rock scene to great acclaim and Farner and his band mates in Grand Funk Railroad proceeded to blow the roof off the rock world in 1971 by selling out New York’s Shea Stadium faster than The Beatles! With monster hits including: “I’m Your Captain (Closer To Home),” “The Locomotion,” “We’re An American Band,” “Bad Time” and “Mean Mistreater,” Grand Funk Railroad went on set attendance records and record sales throughout the world. Mark Farner remains in touch with that legion of fans and has truly made and album, For The People.


Mark on Playing Shea Stadium

Mark Farner led Grand Funk Railroad at the memorable Shea Stadium show. (Courtesy Mark Farner Music)

It was July 9, 1971, and Mark Farner couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing.
As the former lead singer of the multi-platinum rock group Grand Funk Railroad, the Michigan native had seen plenty of packed arena crowds grooving to his music in the recent months as they climbed up the charts. But this was a little "heavy," to use a popular period term.

Grand Funk had already set a record by selling out Shea Stadium faster than anyone, including a quartet from Liverpool, England, known as the Beatles. And when Farner and his bandmates were whisked from Manhattan to the Shea parking lot by helicopter, the magnitude of this accomplishment hit him like a Tom Seaver fastball to the ribs.

"We took off from East River, and we were supposed to land in the parking lot, where a limo was going to pick us up," Farner said. "And when we got over the stadium, with Humble Pie already on stage, we could actually see the building bouncing up and down from the fans so excited from the music.

"And to really describe it, I'd have to say it was something you'd have to experience to really know what it was like. The emotion that comes over you when you see that -- there are no words for it."

After a police escort to the backstage area, Grand Funk pulled off what Farner still considers their most memorable gig.

Among the high points was the ballad "I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)" which would become a radio hit but at the time was simply the song that connected the most with the younger audience, Farner says.

"New York had been a great audience for Grand Funk Railroad, and we had done shows at Madison Square Garden and Randalls Island with Jimi Hendrix," Farner said. "The people loved what we stood for and what we had to say, and that's why we were popular."
courtesy Mark Farner Music

In particular, the ending of "I'm Your Captain," in which Farner sings, "I'm getting closer to my home" over and over, became the refrain that seemed to truly captivate the crowd.

"It was the Vietnam era and everybody wanted the war to stop," Farner says. "They got behind 'I'm Your Captain,' and even today, it's the most requested song of all Vietnam veterans. It's easy to see why. A soldier who's dug in, he wants to be closer to home, and maybe that's why he can survive day after day with the bullets flying. It still fits today in that theater of war.

"And it was powerful. Women were crying. Guys were crying. It was a very emotional time. New York City in 1971 was ready not only to hear the song but to react to the feelings it stirred up. And they reacted. They sang it louder than the damn PA, dude. I could hear them singing louder than I was singing."

Thirty-seven years later, Shea Stadium is in its final season of existence, and Farner says he'll miss the yard where all of this drama once unfolded.
(see more demolition photos HERE)

"It saddens me," Farner says. "As long as it was standing, it was a visible memory. It was a reminder to everybody that was there. And now that it'll no longer be that landmark that it's been for all these years, it's disturbing to think about. But it's also a happy memory because that was a high point in my life."

Grand Funk would go on to play more memorable shows in baseball stadiums, including a particularly wild -- and wet -- one during monsoon season in Osaka, Japan, in which the band was forced to "dodge manhole covers that were blowing up from the street in front of us," as Farner remembers.

And even now, with Farner still enjoying the rock n' roll lifestyle that keeps him touring his favorite cities -- a complete listing of current album and concert information is available at Mark's Website -- while taking breaks to enjoy the pastoral comforts of his home on Michigan's lower peninsula, he says he still thinks about that one magical night in Flushing Meadows, Queens.

"The attendance record still stands," he says, "and that's something to be proud of. The kids slept overnight on the lawn in sleeping bags. Wherever there was room for a body, there was one laying there waiting to buy a ticket. I thought it was pretty special that they were that devoted to what we all had to say when we got in that stadium.

"It was a time like that when people were willing and able to hear what we had to say. It's time to go back to that. It's a vivid time that's burned in my memory forever."

Doug Miller is a Senior Writer for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.



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"From Grand Funk to Grace"

Anyone who has even the slightest brain cells remaining after 1969 and the festivals of the summer of love, know who mark farner is!

This savage samite singer of the Shea stadium legendary performance and the lighting bolt that charged Grand Funks shows and albums( yeah , vinyl)was and is stratospheric in his approach to audience participation.

You knew from the start of the song, until the last tune , that you were on a laser bound for the heart of rock and roll.

This biography does exactly what i would expect from a Mark Farner project, piss you off while chuckling at his brashness.

The book is a personal look at the formative relationships of family and the tragedy of losses that took their toll on the young athlete turned musician.A fond recall of the days of yore and how they impacted him.

The un heroic flight from armed services via any means possible, even so far as to appear gay or drug addicted. Reckless youthful pranks of every variety and mayhem.A all too normal background in Michigan’s industial environment and it's root beliefs, rowdy being the norm , not the exception.

The salvation by the music of the era that sparked the drive that possessed the man and the boy to follow an uncertain and unmapped future to rock's shaking shoes , where the glass slipper is always a foot away from royalty, and gold and silver come a in vinyl gem.

The drug culture is alive and well in this storied testament to youthful endurance and luck, not to mention miraculous recoveries.

The famous co-horts in pranks and mischief are no less than Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, unfortunate examples of the excess of stardom that leads to a free fall without a net.

The success of the power trio phase of grand funk is enlightening , but too limited for my taste, more telling of the concerts would have thrilled me since i was at many of them and they were wild and untamed events that were by any one’s account, intense!!

His child by an affair with a touring female is touching and sad, evidence of his need to right a wrong.

Buy Mark's Book




A Few Things Hangin' Around the Farner Homestead

Those fantastical Farnerphiles at Mark Farner's Railroad presented some pretty special personalized gifts here through the years.

The AMERICAN EAGLE COLLECTOR PLATE; was signed on the back by Farner fans!

"SAY NO" PAINTING; Daughter Tinya Finch of gifted Cherokee artist Dana made a gift of her mother's wonderful works stating that her mother used a certain long haired, arm-banded guitar slinger's physique as a model for the braves abs!

A LEATHER CHRISTMAS BOOK; also hangs around down in the Farner studio. The American Bald Eagle flying over Bethleham carries a peace pipe in his beak and a dream catcher hangs loosely over the Star of Bethleham. Mule hide and Fringed leather with a Deer antler holder to hang on the wall!

Many personalized pages made this a humbling and thrilling collection to receive!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mark Farner

Mark Farner Biography

True rock 'n roll legend, Mark Farner found fame and success at 20 years of age as the leader of one of America's biggest bands of the 1970's - the original Grand Funk Railroad.

The band recorded 17 albums with total sales of more than 25 million records. Mark Farner is the unmistakable voice, guitarist, and songwriter that powered the original Grand Funk Railroad to 12 platinum and 15 gold albums.
After only 3 guitar lessons, Mark put various bands together. In the mid 1960's, Mark and his bands played the usual dates that a teenage band would play - high school dances, VFW halls, wedding receptions and the like. Upon leaving high school, Mark turned professional, working with Terry Knight and the Pack, The Bossmen (with Dick Wagner), then just the Pack (this time with no Terry Knight, but with drummer Don Brewer).
In 1969, Mark started the original Grand Funk Railroad with teenage friends Mel Schacher and Don Brewer - one of the first American power trios was born. Mark and Grand Funk hit big just several months after forming. They were the only unsigned act on the show when they opened the first day of the Atlanta International Pop Festival in July 1969.

Mark and Grand Funk Railroad played before 180,000 people in 110-degree heat and the acclaim was instantaneous. They were invited back to close the show the next day. Following their hugely successful Atlanta appearance, the band was signed by Capitol Records and their first gold album "On Time", was recorded and released within four months.

The saga of Grand Funk Railroad is well documented. The albums included such titles as "Grand Funk Railroad", "Survival", "Live Album", "Closer To Home", "E Pluribus Funk", "Phoenix", "Good Singin,' Good Playin'", "Caught In The Act", and "All The Girls In The World Beware", among others. The hit singles included "I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)," "Foot-Stompin' Music," "We're an American Band", "the Loco-motion", "Mean Mistreater", "Bad Time", "Some Kind Of Wonderful" and others.



Anniversary T-shirts

Anniversary T-shirts
40Year's Funkin'

Title Tune From "For The People"


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