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C'Mon Baby Do The Local Motion: Mark's In Flint!

The Eagle has landed...Mark Farner in Flint building up momentum.

Local Farner Fans line up to Meet 'n Greet their hometown Rock legend:

Signing Autographs and talking with friends and neighbors:


Flint Revival Booklet:

Mark Farner will Burst through these Gates and give the "40 Years Funkin'" concert of a lifetime right here in Flint...couldn't get much Closer To Home! See Ya There!

For a list of Flint establishments selling tickets: Tickets at:
$15.00 pre-show, $20.00 at the gate

Pics by Mary Newton

By RT, producer/host of the "Butcher Shop" Radio show on WKUF-LP 94.3 FM, Flint, Michigan USA.
Yes, the in-studio interview with Mr. Farner will be "LIVE" both terrestrial FM broadcast and streaming audio.
The set time for the interview begins at 10:0pm (EST)

Here is the direct link to the stream:

The studio call-in line is (810) 762-9725


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mark say's: "Alright" I'm Runnin With The Pack in Flint! [Again]

When Mark Farner's speech at the party to announce the Atwood concert in Flint contained his dream of playing Atwood Stadium, it was clear that this would be a heartfelt genuinely special show. He remarked: "Back in '69 when Grand Funk hit big, I always dreamed of playing Atwood Stadium. Here it is 2009, 40 years later and, I'm gonna play Atwwod Stadium!"

Mark Farner, the engine of the Grand Funk train is building up N'rG...momentum is mounting...the anticipation for this huge scale Flint Reviving event is a breath of fresh air! On August 15TH Flint's Atwood Stadium makes history with the gates opening at 10:00AM. Bands start at 11:00 and play all day until around 6:30 when members of Mark's old bands come to jam and lead into his two hour set! Lets see just who Pack O Mojo are:

In the beginning for Mark Farner , before Flint's Famous Funkman was to be the charismatic conductor of Grand Funk Railroad, we find 1964 with the Genesseians as his very first band.

1965 saw Robin's Hoods (aka: The Derelicts) formed with noted musicians Craig Frost and Mike West.

Through 1965 to 1968 Mark was in and out of such Flint area bands as "Terry Knight And The Pack" and "The Fabulous Pack", "Terry Knight And The Fabulous Pack Part II" with a break for "The Bossman" in 1966 where he met Dick Wagner that later went on to produce the album, play and sing back up vocals of the haunting song "Lorraine" from the [1977] solo album: "Mark Farner"

The Hard Rock Year of 1969, with the edition of stolen bass player Mel Schacher (from ?The Mysterians) just the power trio three; Mark, Don and Mel take the world and Grand Funk Railroad blew us away with their freight train full of Funk!

So you see, the band going on just before Mark Farner: Pac O Mojo are life-long friends and musicians in their own right.

Curt Johnson [guitar] from The Nightwalkers with Mark, The Pack And/Or Fabulous Pack (4/'67-4/'67) Curt also landed the job of Grand Funk sound man during the rigorous touring years.

Dennis Bellinger ( Coolie Group '68 and The Pack [Mark on lead vocals of both bands that Summer]) Grand Funk reunion tour included Dennis on bass 1980 to 1983 when Grand Funk once again, dis-banded

Mark Performs "I'm Your Captain" With Curt And Dennis At Jester's In Flint

The Pack

The Fabulous and the Famous! Let The Funk Fly!

Preceding Pack O Mojo and Mark with N'rG will be local talent drawn from the musical melding pot that is Flint's gift to the Indie world!

Mark Farner
and N'rG play that good ol' Axe-Kickin' Grand Funk Rock 'n Roll PLUS, some Farner Flavored, NEW, Funked Up, For The People, For The Flintoids, For The Flint Revival, For 2 hours...For Heaven's Sakes be there!

That's two hours of the Fabulous and the Fam
ous! Rock bands from the Flint area melding pot personally dipped into by Mike Abrahams of "Mikes Triple Grille" in downtown Flint! Get tickets by going to: and locally at the MARK FARNER ticket BOX office downtown Flint, at Kearsley and South Saginaw.

Downtown Businessman Tom Z is buying tickets to give away to the unemployed. Stop by his restaurant and ask. Tom has been promoting the concert on his electronic billboard.

Elecro Billboard at: 3010 N Saginaw St~Flint, MI 48505~(810) 787-1111

New Mayor Dayne Walling will be asked to designate a Mark Farner Day and award him the key to City. This will be done a t a 103.9 remote promotion. He will also have a role on stage during the concert before Mark Farner.

The VIP tent is $100 for admission. This gets seating next to the stage, food, under a tent, cash bar and bathrooms near. General admisison seats are $15 advance, $20 day of the event. I'll be there with bells on...Bell bottom jeans that is!

Let's all keep fully hydrated with the special Farner N'rG Stimulus Ade:

Special Thanks to:
Terry Bankert for sharing info from


Anniversary T-shirts

Anniversary T-shirts
40Year's Funkin'

Title Tune From "For The People"


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