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Thursday, December 10, 2009

~~A Christmas Card In Sight And Sound: Mary~~

When asked to contribute a Christmas song to the collection; "A Classic Rock Christmas" Mark wrote the mournfully beautiful song: "Mary" (The Return From Calvary) after becoming inspired by a painting depicting Mary and the "Loss of her baby" at Calvary.

As Jesus' re-birth approaches at Christmastime each year we are born again with him. A gift to ALL of mankind. Mary's return from Calvary may have been sorrowful as Mark expresses gloriously in his vocals.

Mark states on the CD liner: "The reason I chose Mary (The Return From Calvary) is because JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON."

"We commemorate the Redeemer's Birth."

"People speak of His Mother in a religious sense,but in a heartfelt feeling for her as a mere mother of a boy-child, the song begs the question."

MARY(the Return From Calvary) Written,Produced & Performed for you by Mark Farner. (2002) Righteous Rock Music (BMI)
Sit 'a spell, put your feet up, enjoy the slide show by JohninFunk.

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