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April 4TH had a whole lotta shakin' goin' on

KLOS Radio Shakin' Bake Festival~MARK FARNER/N'rG
April 4, 2009
Photos and Review By: Kelly Stevens
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It was a perfect day for an outside festival. Not too hot, not too cold, only a few clouds and a light breeze. I didn’t know precisely when Mark was supposed to start so I decided to get there early. My friend Jim and I took off to the gig around 11:30 am and arrived about 12:30 pm. It was smooth sailing all the way. We soon met up with another friend of mine, Dave. Of course I was dressed in my Mark garb, the “I’m Your Captain” t-shirt, a Grand Funk hat, and lanyard with my membership card.

We made our way to the middle area of the Santa Anita racetrack where the stage was set up. There was already a lot of people. There was barbeque, beer and lots of stuff going on all over the place. Jim, Dave, and I settled in initially at the opposite end from the stage. The radio station that sponsored the event (95.5 KLOS) were doing some contests where they would give away money, in the amount of $250.00 each time. During this time they also mentioned something about backstage and Mark doing some pictures. I figured this might be a good queue for me to make my way to the stage and see if I could locate Lesia Farner. I remember saying to my friends just as I got up to walk towards the stage “Wouldn’t that be cool if one of us won some of that money they’re handing out, like that would ever happen!” So there I was, walking towards the stage, when they decided to have another contest. They announced “Okay, this time we’re going to give $250.00 to the first person to show us they’re wearing a Grand Funk hat. I couldn’t believe it! As I approached the stage I could see people looking around to see if anyone was wearing one, but nobody spotted any, so I took my hat off and waved it and yelled “Right here!” As I got closer they could see the “Grand Funk” on the hat and they then announced “We have a winner!” How lucky is that! Needless to say, that hat is now my lucky hat.

After that happened I was allowed backstage and I soon met up with Lesia. This was the first time I ever met her. She was very nice and seemed to enjoy accommodating all us fans, making sure everyone had a chance to meet her Rock n Roll husband. Thank you Lesia. Mark is a lucky guy to have you in his life. Well, the next thing I knew, there was Mark! He posed for a few photos with some fans at first but when he finshed I said: “How’s it going, Mark!” and he said “Hey! Fan of the month!”

I then told him how I won $250.00 just for wearing his hat. We had a few laughs and then Lesia was nice enough to take a picture of me with Mark.

Then came the show. I think Mark started around 4:30pm. I’ve seen Mark play many times but this had one of the most unique gigs. His first set was only 3 songs long before he stopped because the horses would race and then he would go back on and play 3 more songs, stop again, the horses would race again, and then Mark played solid to the end. He started with “We’re An American Band” which surprised me. I’ve never seen him start with that before. I think the next song was “Mr. Limousine Driver” followed by “Nothing Is The Same”. Forgive me if don’t remember it quite right. I was doing a lot of running around and I was a little tired and a little sunburned by the time Mark started, but not to worry. I did catch a second wind. Mark’s second set I think started with “Shinin’On” followed by “Creepin” and then “Aimless Lady”. Mark’s keyboard was over modulating during Creepin and was breaking up a bit. The soundman was trying to fix the problem all through the song. I don’t know for sure but I think the sound system was not their own. By the time Mark came back for the final and main set, the problems were fixed and Mark kicked some serious ass, not that he didn’t already. Let see if I can remember the rest of the songs and there order: “Are You Ready”, “Heartbreaker”, “Footstompin music”, “The Locomotion”, “Bad Time”, “Some Kind Of Wonderful”, “People, Let’s Stop The War” and “Closer To Home”.

It was an awesome day. I had a great time. When I got home that night I was sooo tired, but in a good way. It amazes me how much energy Mark puts out in his performances to this day and still makes time for all his fans. I wish I had some of that energy! I know some day Mark might decide it’s time to retire, but after seeing him again on Saturday that seems a long, long way off. I hope he never retires and just keeps doing what he does best…Rockin’ our socks off!

Kelly Stevens

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Cruizinsuezin Apr 30, 2009, 12:53:00 PM  

That is a great review! If ya need another witness, count me in.

I've seen Mark with his N'rG Band many times and Mark's energy onstage is where they got the name N'rG!

Don't miss the show when they come your way! It's the Anniversary of Farner music 1969 through 2009 and still going strong!. This year "Mark's" 40 Years of Funkin'!

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Anniversary T-shirts
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